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Tabitha Farrar

Love Fat

I grew up in Wiltshire, England, in an idyllic (yet rainy) village. Despite being a robust and confident teenager, I developed an eating disorder at age 17 and this devastating illness took pole position in my life until, at 26, I finally started my recovery. I successfully recovered from Anorexia Nervosa and the complicated matrix of obsessions and habitual eating disorder behaviors that came with it.

Now living in Boulder, Colorado, I have become a local resource for eating disorders; I speak publicly in schools as an example of how to overcome what is a very prevalent modern day illness. I am passionate about speaking openly about a subject that shamed me into silence and denial in the hope that I can inspire others to speak and be heard. My debut memoir Love Fat gives insight into eating disorders and my personal story.

My passion for writing later developed into a career as a writer and editor. I work for a number of online publications, playing with words and punctuation marks!