Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults

About me: Tabitha Farrar


Hello, I am happy you are here.

On this site I write and podcast about eating disorder recovery for adults. I focus on adults because I was 17 at age of onset of Anorexia, and I didn’t begin my recovery journey until I was 25. This information here, however, is also helpful for parents of sufferers of any age, spouse or partners of adult sufferers, and friends/loved ones because it will help you understand what an eating disorder really is and how it affects the sufferers behaviour.

On this site the majority of the content is on eating disorder recovery help and information. I also sometimes digress and rant about diet culture — but that’s just because I dislike it, not because it is what caused my Anorexia. Eating disorders and diet culture have a relationship, but it is not as close and direct as one might think. They are more like cousins who see each other every once in a while at family gatherings.

If you come away from this site knowing one thing, I want you to understand this:

Eating disorders are genetically based mental illnesses.

They are not a choice. They are not “caused by society” (although they are complicated and aggravated by society in a very serious way). They are not caused my bed parents or a “need for control.”

The second thing I would like you to know:

Fat is a nutrient, and not a bad one. 

Confused? Then read the blog and listen to the podcast. I explain this all.


A bit of background on me …

I grew up in Wiltshire, England, in an idyllic (yet rainy) village. Despite being a robust and confident teenager, I developed an eating disorder at age 17 and this devastating illness took pole position in my life until, at 25, I finally started my recovery journey. I successfully recovered from Anorexia Nervosa and the complicated matrix of obsessions and habitual eating disorder behaviors that came with it.

Now living in Boulder, Colorado, I live a blessed and pretty bloody incredible life free from my eating disorder. I work for a tech startup, am married to a wonderful chap, and do some writing sometimes too. In my spare time I advocate for proper understanding of eating disorders and am passionate about speaking openly about a subject that shamed me into silence and denial in the hope that I can inspire others to speak and be heard. My debut memoir Love Fat gives insight into eating disorders and my personal story.

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Why Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults specifically? Because there are not enough reliable resources for eating disorder recovery out there, but there is even less information recognizing and addressing adult sufferers such as myself.