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Eating Disorder Statistics.

Statistics are incredibly hard to work with. One can find a statistic to prove ones point of view in most cases and for this reason I avoid working with them for the most part. However they can be useful to show general trends. Plus, I get asked for them often. So […]

Warming up, over- exercising and anorexia. 2

Tweet Today I was reading a study by Carrera et al (2012) that looked at over exercise in anorexia and pondered whether this was a product of low body fat and feeling cold. I can see how that makes sense, one might try and rationalize a seemingly non- rational behavior […]

Study Review; Minnesota Starvation Experiment 3

Key Points 1. Ironically, malnutrition makes a person not want to gain weight. The catch-22 is that once the person gains some weight, their brain starts functioning properly again and they then often are happy about gaining weight. A person with Anorexia who is underweight is not going to willingly […]