And now for something completely different: How to get fresh without chemicals

Obviously I am talking about deodorant.

I am one of these people that will try absolutely anything ……………as long as I can get the end result within 3 minutes and 43 seconds.

I always have good intentions of home making things and then I realize it might take longer than my attention span can cope with. Basically if a recipe has incubation , freezing, drying or sitting stages written in to it I won’t do it. I tried to make my own yogurt once and it all went fine until the part where you have to leave it to sit in a warm place. I lost the will to live after I had left it for a whole ten minutes and NOTHING had happened.

But I have this problem with deodorant. The problem is I refuse to wear it due to all the chemicals in it, but I sometimes need to. Days when I am teaching multiple hot yoga classes in a 98 degree room are good examples. You get the picture.

So I have attempted to make my own AND it took less than 5 ingredient and less than 5 minutes start to finish.


5 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 cup cornstarch

1/4 cup baking soda

Few drops of essential oil- I used lavender but that is only because there was some left in the bathroom cabinet when we bought the house and I am too lazy to go to the store and buy anything else.



Mash and smash it all together then slap it on.

The best news is that it actually works. See – No smell!

No smell pits

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