chicken liver pate

Love Fat: Chicken Liver Pate

chicken livers

Chicken livers? I can feel the vegans quivering as I write.

Nutrient density baby!


1oz of the chicken liver pate contains 96 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B12.

Its also got a good whack of iron in it.

You can buy it, but it is way savvier to make it at home because it will cost you about $1 and if you can switch on a food processor you have the skills required.

The hardest part is finding organic chicken livers. I searched every store in Boulder and finally found them at Alfalfas.

I have a rule that anything I make has no more than five steps, because otherwise I lose the will to live halfway through making it. Chicken liver pate fits nicely into the five step rule.

Here is how to do it:photo 2

Step one: Scour the earth until you find organic chicken liver. This is by far the hardest step, and I wish you good luck and plenty of tea.

Step two: Once chicken livers have been sourced, bung them in a frying pan and cook until they go from a red colour to a brown colour.

Step Three: Chop an onion and some garlic and put that in a bowl—I put pink salt in too, because I love 4


Step Four: Put cooked and cooled livers in same bowl and blend them


Step Five: Eat it all, or put some in pots and freeze.

photo 5

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