Have you been on a detox cleanse? Why?

It seems that everywhere I have gone this spring, someone is on a cleanse or a detox…


“Gosh, I wonder “how has the human race survived this long on food?”




This subject has been on my mind a while.

I have never been on a cleanse before. Undoubtedly I would have done in my early twenties had I not been suffering with anorexia. There was no need to go on a cleanse then because I was not really eating anything, but the restrictive element to it interested me even then. Due to the attentional bias that I had towards food, I was very hyper aware of my school friends who were on detox diets; the competitive nature of my disease meant that if my friends dieted my own eating disorder worsened. That was not their fault, they were not to know, but it is in truth how watching my friends go on cleanses affected me

In recovery and ever since, food restriction of any kind is totally out of the question for me. I have done that, I am sick of that, and I utterly refuse to ever restrict food again. But thats my story, and what I would really like right now is for you to tell me yours. I would like to be transparent, I dislike cleanses, I dislike that people think that it is okay and normal to do a cleanse, and if it were up to me, cleanse products would be illegal as they are potentially very damaging to people who have the biological make up for eating disorders.

However, I am also very aware that this is my own opinion, and my opinion is that of a person who struggled with anorexia for over eight years, when I was in recovery it was very difficult for me to resist going on a cleanse even though I knew that in doing to I would have been enabling my eating disorder again. The reason it was so hard to resist was because cleanses are considered ‘healthy’ despite that for some of us they are far from that. I held strong, but hundreds of people in recovery from eating disorders do not and for those people, cleanses and detox diets often initiate a relapse.

Because of my own biases opinion I am very open to the views and opinions of others, which is why I am asking questions in this post.

Generally the posts in my cleanse series will look in detail at different parts of the body that are affected by a cleanse; The liver, the colon, your brain etc,.

However before I do so, I want your input:

Have you been on a cleanse?

What type?


What did it involve?

How did it make you feel?

Would you do it again?

If you have not been on a cleanse, why?

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