The Chicken Blog; Week 2


My first egg

So I have been hoarding this cute little wooden crate for almost two years. It was originally a container for organic tinned tomatoes. It has been utterly in the way, and I hate clutter, so I have been meaning to recycle it for ages but every time I picked it up to do so its cuteness got to me…..

Anyhow, now its my egg basket. Eggs


It sits right on my countertop so that I can caress eggs lovingly as I boil the kettle for my tea umpteen times a day.

I’ve had chickens two weeks and I have had twenty eggs. Not bad going! The picture at the very top is the first egg that I got. Bunny laid it.

Priscilla is getting more accustomed to me cuddling her,…….. like she has any choice…. Bunny is even bolder and heckles me for strokes every time I am in the backyard. Veronica appears to be at the top of the pecking order.


Chicken Economy Week Two

Total Cost; $507

Total Output; 20 eggs

Cost per egg; $25.35

Now I am only eating $25 dollar eggs! A much improved economy from last week

If I were to only keep my chickens a fortnight, I would be a total loser on this investment. However, lets see what the cost per egg comes down to next week!



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