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My great friend Vivienne has chickens, and she inspired me to get some. I do eat a lot of eggs, and I figured that I would feel so much better about doing so if I knew that the eggs I am eating really are from happy hens. I literally have nightmares about caged battery hens, and although I buy organic, I seriously doubt the conditions of the hens that lay the eggs labelled “organic’ and ‘free range”

So my project this past month has been getting a coop, fencing off a part of the yard for a chicken run and then finally, last week I got my hens.

The coop cost me $450. The flock cost me $45 at $15 per chicken. I bought a sack of feed for $12

Viv was right. I LOVE my chickens.


Meet my flock!




Veronica Chicken is a gold laced Wyandotte. She was the first chicken that I bought at the Denver chicken swap last week. She is one year old and lays white eggs .







Priscilla is a Plymouth Rock, she is the second chicken that I bought and has not had much handling in her previous home. It is now my mission in life to make her love me. We have enforced cuddle time daily.







Bunny is an Easter Egger. Bunny lays blue- ish eggs. She is very friendly and greets me by pecking me feet, an obvious sign of affection. She is already a film star. 




I am a chicken newbie. I intend on using this part of my blog to update on chicken keeping pros and cons and the economy of it. I will also be writing on the nutritional differences between commercial and backyard chicken eggs. So far the only cons have been extracting Priscilla from the pine tree every evening where she is intent on spending the night. The pros have been chicken therapy and eggs.


Chicken Economy Week One

Total Cost; $507

Total Output; 10 eggs

Cost per egg; $50.7

If I were to only keep my chickens a week, I would be a total loser on this investment. However, lets see what the cost per egg comes down to next week! LAY GIRLS LAY!


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