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Midweek Rant: Rosewood Ranch 4

An advocate friend drew my attention to a particularly awful website today. It’s riled me up something rotten. “Love addiction and eating disorders both often start with dysfunctional roles in the family of origin.” You have got to be shitting me. This is the first line in Rosewood Ranch Santa Monica’s article on […]

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How ex-sufferers can help the eating disorder community 4

How ex-sufferers can help the Eating Disorder community I wrote last week about why I don’t think sufferers of eating disorders should become treatment therapists for eating disorders. Today I’m going to focus on something totally fantastic that an ex-sufferer can do if he or she is interested in getting involved. When […]

Why Eating Disorder Treatment Needs an Overhaul 15

There was a study published this month that showed what many of us have been saying for a long time: eating disorder treatment is massively ineffective in many cases and the industry is badly in need of some sort of overhaul. The study was published under the title Clinicians’ Attitudes, Concerns, […]

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