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Just Launched: Online (Global) Meal Support Service for Eating Disorders 3

It doesn’t matter how you try and skirt around it, there is one truth that exists for every restrictive eating disorder (Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, EDNS etc):

You have to treat an eating disorder with food first! 

But for many of us eating is so hard! We get intense anxiety leading up to a meal. We get bombarded with eating disorder thoughts — bargaining, compromising, doubting — and threats while we are eating. We get battered with more of the same after we have finished eating. We don’t have anyone who understands really what it is like and this makes us feel alone, and crazy!

Well, now you do. 

Having someone who “gets it” with us while we are eating helps to reduce the anxiety, stress and overall feelings of loneliness and helplessness. This allows us to get the vital nutrition that we need in order to make a full recovery and also gives us the strength we need to keep pushing on with every meal and every snack

Why do we need an online meal support options?

In an ideal world, this mealtime support  is a parent, friend, or family member.

Realistically, however, there are a ton of adult sufferers who have nobody to help them. Or, if they do, they don’t have that help available for every single meal. Their partner works, or is not there at every meal or snack to help them get through.

Additionally, some sufferers do have people willing to be supportive of them at home, but they don’t want to ask as they don’t like to be a burden. And the truth is that some of us really prefer to be helped by someone who is not a family member for whatever reason. Often, like I said before, we want to talk to someone who really “gets it” who knows how hard this is, and understands the thoughts and stressors that eating presents us with. 

Sometimes we do have support in the home, but everyone needs a break — and that includes those who are supporting us. So an option for those one-offs is important too.

This is why I wanted to create a meal support service that meets sufferers where they are at. An online service that is available anywhere, at any time, all over the world. A service based on support, compassion, encouragement, kindness and food!

More information below. This meal support service is my baby. There is nothing like it out there right now. If you want to help me get this baby flying please help me by spreading the word and getting this service in front of people who need it.

For those who want to try it, there is a 40% off your first session here. And if you need ongoing financial assistance (i.e discounts) please contact me.

I have a couple of peeps I would like to say thank you to for helping me with this:

Carl Copley. Carl is my web guy. He is a rockstar. He builds websites at the speed of light and responds to my demands requests faster than is reasonable. I can tell him in my abstract and untechnical ramblings what I think I need and the next thing I know it is on the site and ready to go.  Find out more about him at Cybertech Design

My advisory board. Check out these incredible peeps here!

My husband. For not pitching a fit when I told him I was going to quit my job to do this instead. And for not whinging too much about the fact that I am most likely going to bankrupt us in the process.

And a special thanks to Helen Barnes and Hadley Ordway for helping me with outreach, social media, and general hairbrained ideas that might just work!


Active Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults (AEDRA)

Online Meal Support Service


Watch our video to learn more about meal support:

Benefits of Meal Support

  • Decreases anxiety around eating and mealtimes
  • Supports sufferers in overcoming eating disorder behaviors at mealtimes
  • Increases the chance of physical recovery by reinforcing meal plan
  • Potentially increases the chance of mental recovery by helping the body become nutritionally supported
  • Potentially aids weight restoration in underweight sufferers
  • Allows eating at regular intervals to be supported
  • Provides sufferers with reassurance when mealtime fear kicks in
  • Allows sufferers to be supported by someone who understands eating disorders
  • Support and encouragement increases chance meal plan success
  • Continues recovery path for sufferers transitioning out of inpatient treatment
  • Supplements the treatment provided by a registered dietician or eating disorder therapist
  • We use HIPAA compliant VSEE for all Meal Support Sessions

How to book a session:

  1. Go to the Online Booking Section of the website
  2. Select the service “Single Meal Support Session”
  3. Select “Any available coach”
  4. Choose the day and time that you would like to book your meal support session
  5. Enter the promo code: zaqazupy at the checkout in order to receive 40% off your first session (Limited time only).

Click here for Online Booking

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I work as Head of Marketing for a software startup in Boulder. As a recovered Anorexia sufferer, I advocate for proper understanding of eating disorders in my spare time. On that note, I wrote a book about my own journey into eating again called Love Fat.

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3 thoughts on “Just Launched: Online (Global) Meal Support Service for Eating Disorders

  • Stephanie MacDonald

    I am an ED therapist and would love to be able to recommend your online meal support services to my clients. Are you aware of any data to support it’s effectiveness that I could review with my clients when I refer them??

  • Christina

    Hi, I have repeatedly tried to contact you guys through your online booking. I have yet to hear from anyone. I am wondering if your not doing this program anymore?