Anorexia in people in larger bodies

The importance of recognizing Anorexia in people in larger bodies


In this podcast Tabitha Farrar talks to Dr. Rachel Millner about Anorexia and people in larger bodies. This podcast was inspired by an email from a mother of a patient who has Anorexia and is in a larger body. Topics discussed include:

  • The dangers associated with energy deficit in people in larger bodies
  • Problems with diagnosis and practitioner ignorance
  • Weight stigma in the medical field
  • Parent advocacy and strength
  • Embracing weight diversity

Find out more about Dr Millner here: 


Tabitha’s comments on this podcast:

Rachel Millner is a godsend to the eating disorder world. Anorexia in people in larger bodies was a topic that I immediately knew I wanted to talk to her about. She is so passionate about eliminating size discrimination, and truly helping people with eating disorders. I wish people like Rachel Millner had existed when I was sick with Anorexia.

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