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Defining Restriction. Defining Unrestricted Eating

  In this podcast, Tabitha talks about restriction, and unrestricted eating. Restrictive eating disorders such as Anorexia are often misrepresented as total restriction and not eating. This is often not the case. Many people with Anorexia can eat seemingly “normal” amounts of food and still be operating under rules of […]

Anorexia Made Me Tell Pork Pies

Anorexia Made Me Tell Pork Pies

To my US friends, “pork pies” is rhyming slang for “lies.” (Pork pies are also these delicious little meat filled shortcrust pastry pies, which incidentally I refused to eat when I had Anorexia. Sod’s law that now I am recovered and would like to eat pork pies I live in […]

Dr Jennifer Gaudiani: Tummy Troubles in Eating Disorder Recovery

  Tabitha talks to Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani about all things gastrointestinal in eating disorder recovery! We talk about bowel movements, irritable bowel syndrome, delayed gastric emptying, and so much more! In the podcast Dr Guadiani mentioned the following medications for SIBO: Atrantil FC Cidal Dysbiocide   Medical Minute Videos:  Gastroparesis: […]

Eating disorder science

Eating Disorder Science: Variants in neuropeptide signaling are associated with disordered eating behaviors

  In this podcast Tabitha Farrar talks to Micheal Lutter about the recently published paper titled: Novel and ultra-rare damaging variants in neuropeptide signaling are associated with disordered eating behaviors   From the paper: Abstract Objective Eating disorders develop through a combination of genetic vulnerability and environmental stress, however the […]