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I’m skiving off publishing a podcast this week because I am on holiday with family in England. We were in Manchester for my sister-in-laws wedding last week, and now are down in Wiltshire staying with my parents in a tiny village. I’ve basically spent the last couple of days on my parent’s chesterfield cuddling the cat. And enjoying my mum’s cooking of course. It has been bliss.

Lucky for me, other people have done all the work for me. Here are a couple of recent podcasts that I was featured in as a guest this time.


1. New Plates Podcast

Podcast episode with Laura Collins on New Plates. This is all about FBT for adults and creating your own family support — even when you don’t have a family present!


As Laura mentioned there, we are presenting together at the BEDA/NEDA conference in New York at the beginning of November. I’d love to meet up with any of you there. Drop me a line or tweet at me (@Love_Fat_) and tell me where you will be!

Laura and I are presenting with Cathy and Michael Cortese on the Friday. Look us up and please do come to our presentation. We would love to see you!

2. The Broad’s Way

This was a podcast that I was featured in for The Board’s Way. It was broadly about eating disorders and disordered eating and how they affect woman (and men) in the world today.







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I work as Head of Marketing for a software startup in Boulder. As a recovered Anorexia sufferer, I advocate for proper understanding of eating disorders in my spare time. On that note, I wrote a book about my own journey into eating again called Love Fat.

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