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Coaching for Adults in Recovery from Eating Disorders

Eating disorder treatment

  • Coaching for adults in recovery from an eating disorder.
  • Project managing for sufferer’s who already have a team but need to make things happen faster.
  • Coaching for spouses, parents, partners, friends and family members on how to help an adult with an eating disorder into full recovery.
  • Mealtime support coaching for both sufferers and caregivers.
  • Lifestyle management and additional resources for adults with eating disorders

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Public Speaking

I am very invested in educating around what eating disorders actually are and how they can be successfully treated. I have a nominal fee for public speaking that is negotiable for charities and other worthy causes.

  • Schools: I can talk to teachers on how to recognize and manage eating disorders in students as well as talk to students about body-image, diet and other triggers.
  • Facilities: I can talk to eating disorder facility staff on how to support recovery for adults superficially when they return home.
  • Hospitals: I can talk to hospital staff on recognizing eating disorders in patients and next steps to ensure a treatment path for sufferers.
  • Private engagements: I am happy to gear an eating disorder talk to your group’s needs.



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