OCD and Anorexia

Carrie Arnold — Adult Eating Disorder Recovery with OCD and Anorexia in the Mix

Tabitha talks to Carrie Arnold on her experience on adult eating disorder recovery when Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Anorexia are present together. Anorexia brings its own type of OCD behaviors, however for adults in recovery who also have premorbid OCD on top of that, recovery can be even more complicated.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Premorbid OCD with Anorexia
  • Contamination fears and other non-eating disorder related OCD behaviors
  • Strategies to limit the disruption to recovery
  • The importance of putting recovery as a priority as an adult with an eating disorder
  • Later onset eating disorders

About Carrie Arnold

Carrie Arnold is an award winning blogger, freelance science writer, and author living in Virginia. She writes on a variety of topics from microbiology to evolution. Carrie is in recovery from anorexia, and is very active in the eating disorder community as an advocate for better research and treatments.

Carrie’s Webiste

Decoding Anorexia

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About Tabitha Farrar

I work as Head of Marketing for a software startup in Boulder. As a recovered Anorexia sufferer, I advocate for proper understanding of eating disorders in my spare time. On that note, I wrote a book about my own journey into eating again called Love Fat.

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