Hunger in Anorexia Recovery


Hunger is a fascinating and crucial topic in Anorexia recovery. Navigating hunger can be difficult when hunger signals are either nonexistent, sporadic, or unrelenting.

At times of under-nutrition, most people with restrictive eating disorders such as Anorexia experience a vast reduction in hunger cues — this is a very normal result of the body moving into starvation mode. When we start to eat in recovery, hunger signals can be all over the place! In this podcast, Tabitha Farrar gives some insight into hunger based on her own experience and also those of the people with whom she was worked.


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What do you think?

  1. Hi Tabitha a great post! What happens if you are not underweight though? I am recovering from anorexia i am nearly at weight restoration and i am still starving! What do i do? X

  2. Hi Tabitha,
    I have recently found your blog after a link from EDANZ here in New Zealand. Our daughter (now 19) was diagnosed at 15 with AN, and is still trying for recovery. I have found many aspects of your blog to be extremely helpful, and they have provoked tears more than once.

    I am wondering if you could do a blog on stomach pain and digestive issues as this is something our daughter often seems to have and it seems from comments that various guests of yours have made that this is not uncommon?

    Loving your work,


      • Thanks so much – I’m really looking forward to it.

        My daughter has listened to some of your podcasts too, and mentioned that the concept of the warm cosy room with a fire is how she feels at the moment. We live in hope that one day she will have the determination you show regards getting well.

        One other thing – the podcast on loneliness is not letting me listen – is there an issue with it or is it just me?!

    • I would like to have some comments about digestive consequences on A.N… like gastroparesis… i also hace a 18 years daughter..
      where can I find info about that topic ?

  3. Hi Tabitha, I haven’t posted on here before but I have read some of your stuff. Just an overview, I’m 15 and I suffered with Anorexia for about a year and a half. When I began my recovery, my dietitian set me a meal plan of about 2100 calories a day, and I stuck with this for a few months. My weight had come up to about 110 pounds (I’m 5’7) which she (dietitian) said was a good weight for me, and dropped my food intake just a little. As I said, I kept this up for a few months doing about an hour of exercise a day and eating healthy food. However about a month or so ago I started binging like crazy, I mean like 12000 calories a day crazy. I read your posts on extreme hunger and weight distribution and all that stuff, but I’m worried about my behaviours over the last month as I was already at a healthy weight and my family has a history of binge eating most of them are very obese (except my aunt had bulimia, actually). My weight has shot up about 25 pounds and I’m almost 135 pounds now. Is this too high for a teenage girl of my height? Will the binging stop? or will I end up obese like my family? I’m just so scared, I don’t know how to stop. And the uneven weight worries me too, I have reasonably skinny arms and legs but a large stomach. But from what I’ve read this is normal after having Anorexia. Can you give me some advice/answers if you have any?
    BTW you’re an amazing person and I’m glad that there is strong, caring people like you out there.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Jane

      First off, I would find a dietitian who is very experienced with eating disorders. Anyone you put you on 2100 cals and then told you to reduce at that low weight is not an ED dietician. Second, worrying about the future and what ifs will not serve you. Focus on now. Your weight is NOT too high at all. I would really recommend you go see someone who knows what they are doing in terms of helping you though this latter stage of recovery. You may have put on some weight, but you are not there yet! Hang in there, you are on the right path.