Tabitha Talks to Emily Troscianko on Overshoot in Eating Disorder Recovery

In this podcast Tabs talks to Emily Troscianko about what we refer to as “overshoot” in eating disorder recovery.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Why not to stop halfway in recovery
  • What exactly overshoot is in eating disorder recovery
  • The importance of fat as an organ
  • Why overshoot is a natural part of recovering from an eating disorder
  • Why trusting the body is so crucial … but so hard!
  • The greatness of life without an eating disorder

About Emily Troscianko

Emily Troscianko does research on the psychological effects of reading fiction, especially as they relate to mental health. She also writes a blog about eating disorders and is coauthoring a textbook on consciousness. She suffered from anorexia between the ages of 16 and 26, and is thankful that it wasn’t longer., is where you can find out more about Emily, and her blog is at,

I you are interested in learning more about “overshoot” the following resources may be of interest to you.

Overshoot Blog One

Aim to Overshoot

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  1. My two inspirations!! Thank you for this fantastic podcast. I’m so grateful for you both.