Eating Disorder Recovery Treatment

Eating Disorder Recovery Treatment Requires Food — Tara Deliberto

In this podcast I interview Tara Deliberto. Tara is the director of the new Eating Disorders Partial Hospitalization Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

In this podcast we discuss

  • Recovery resource services such as Eating Disorder’s Partial Hospitalization Program.
  • How having to eat puts us in a constant state of fearfulness.
  • The difference between treating the eating disorder and treating the underlying cause.
  • Why the eating disorder needs treatment first and foremost.
  • Why and how eating disorders are deadly.
  • Programs aimed at helping adults in recovery.
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I work as Head of Marketing for a software startup in Boulder. As a recovered Anorexia sufferer, I advocate for proper understanding of eating disorders in my spare time. On that note, I wrote a book about my own journey into eating again called Love Fat.

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