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Boulder Workshop: Realistic Recovery for Adults with Eating Disorders


Price includes follow up process-check and troubleshooting Skype session for each participant (worth $100)

A 2-day workshop for adults with eating disorders and partners/family members interested in helping with treatment for an adult with an eating disorder.

This is a very action-orientated workshop for people who want to recover fully from an eating disorder or learn about how to help another person recover. 


If you are interested in attending, please email me at info @

$50 discount available if you are buying 2 spots at this clinic. Enter the code “buy2” at checkout.

Sliding scale available on request – please contact Tabitha

Product Description

Realistic Recovery for Adults with Eating Disorders

with Tabitha Farrar

July 21 & 22


These 2-day workshops are designed to inform about eating disorders and effective  and realistic recovery ideas in the home, and also provide attendees with a structured and organized strategy for sustainable recovery. They are open to both individuals with eating disorders and parents/partners/supporters.

The workshop is a mixture of information and recovery planning. All participants will work though the AEDRA realistic recovery for adults workbook and will come away with a realistic plan to put into immediate effect either for themselves or for another individual. There will be opt-in follow up sessions for progress review.

Day One

Establishing a solid and effective recovery structure

  • Understanding “functional” eating disorders and where to start with overcoming entrenched behaviors.
  • Principles of Family-Based Treatment as applied to adults with eating disorders and the AEDRA approach.
  • Setting up recovery as a project management operation: Goals and outcomes
  • How to work with the person and against the eating disorder.
  • Creating a recovery-centric household.
  • Resources: Putting together a functional treatment team — and other non-professional support tools.
  • Meal planning, mealtimes, importance of meal support.
  • Meal support set up and situational troubleshooting.
  • Weight restoration — achieving and maintaining.

Day Two

Making an anti-eating-disorder environment into a way of family life

  • Setting up recovery as a project management operation: Error logs and pivots
  • Overshoot, weight distribution, MRC and other typical recovery processes.
  • Family dynamics for adult sufferers.
  • How to recover around children and sustain recovery.
  • Managing extended family and friends — holidays, gatherings, Christmas etc.
  • Continuing Recovery — recovery meeting structure and progress reviews.
  • Lower-level support systems and how to make effective use of them.
  • Accountability structure and problem-shooting failure.
  • After weight restoration: triggers and other considerations.
  • How to learn from failure for a robust recovery.
  • Relapse prevention strategy.



Hellems Building, CU, Boulder


There are plenty of hotels in Boulder, and I recommend checking out AirBnB too as there are some really wonderful places to stay here. One of the plus parts of this location is the wonderful town of Boulder and the mountians. Enjoy!

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