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Boulder Clinic: Realistic Recovery for Adults with Eating Disorders


A 2-day clinic for adults with eating disorders and partners/family members interested in helping with treatment for an adult with an eating disorder.

This is a very action-orientated clinic for people who want to recover fully from an eating disorder or learn about hoe to help another person recover. 

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Product Description

Realistic Recovery for Adults with Eating Disorders

with Tabitha Farrar

May 27th and 28th 2017

Clinic Overview

These 2-day clinics are designed to inform about eating disorders and effective  and realistic recovery methods that can be administered in the home, and also provide attendees with a structured and organized strategy for sustainable recovery. They are open to both individuals with eating disorders and parents/partners/supporters.

The clinic is a mixture of information and recovery planning. All participants will come away with a realistic plan to put into immediate effect. There will be opt-in follow up sessions for progress review.

Day One

Establishing a solid and effective recovery structure

  • Understanding “functional” eating disorders and where to start with overcoming entrenched behaviors.
  • Principles of Family-Based Treatment as applied to adults with eating disorders.
  • How to work with the person and against the eating disorder.
  • Creating a recovery-centric household.
  • Putting together a functional treatment team — and other non-professional support tools.
  • Meal planning, mealtimes, importance of meal support.
  • Meal support set up and situational troubleshooting.
  • Weight restoration — achieving and maintaining.

Day Two

Making an anti-eating-disorder environment into a way of family life

  • Overshoot, weight distribution, MRC and other typical recovery processes.
  • Family dynamics for adult sufferers.
  • How to recover around children and sustain recovery.
  • Managing extended family and friends — holidays, gatherings, Christmas etc.
  • Continuing Recovery — recovery meeting structure and progress reviews.
  • Lower-level support systems and how to make effective use of them.
  • Accountability structure and problem-shooting failure.
  • After weight restoration: triggers and other considerations.
  • How to learn from failure for a robust recovery.
  • Relapse prevention strategy.
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