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Product Description

All donations to this site will go directly to  AEDRA Meal Support Service. 

The idea is that if you give a donation of $25 or more, that buys a meal support session for a person in need.

If you like the resources, recovery guides, or podcasts that I produce for free, you might feel that you want to give back by making a donation. While I don’t want donations personally, I would love for you to consider giving to AEDRA Meal Support so that we can give a person in recovery a free meal support session or two. And this is where your donation will go if you hit the donate button.

Meal support allows people with eating disorders to get the vital nutrition that they need in order to make a full recovery by providing them with the encouragement, reinforcement, and reassurance they need to eat a meal.

You can find out more about AEDRA Meal Support here, but below are some of the reasons that meal support is important.

Benefits of Meal Support

  • Decreases anxiety around eating and mealtimes
  • Supports sufferers in overcoming eating disorder behaviors at mealtimes
  • Increases the chance of physical recovery by reinforcing meal plan
  • Potentially increases the chance of mental recovery by helping the body become nutritionally supported
  • Potentially aids weight restoration in underweight sufferers
  • Allows eating at regular intervals to be supported
  • Provides sufferers with reassurance when mealtime fear kicks in
  • Allows sufferers to be supported by someone who understands eating disorders
  • Support and encouragement increases chance meal plan success
  • Continues recovery path for sufferers transitioning out of inpatient treatment
  • Supplements the treatment provided by a registered dietician or eating disorder therapist
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