Eating Disorder Treatment

Online Eating Disorder Treatment Coaching



Product Description

$65 hourly rate for 1:1 coaching on:

  • Family Based Treatment for Adults
  • Meal Planning and Scheduling
  • Managing Eating Disorders
  • Creating Compliance with Treatment
  • Family Dynamics
  • Fear Food Challenging
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Overcoming Fear of Eating
  • Managing Weight Gain Anxiety
  • Addressing Triggers
  • Reaching Weight Restoration
  • Overshoot and Other Recovery Processes
  • Exercise and Compulsive Movement
  • Practices to Elimiate Eating Disorder Behaviors.

Coaching sessions are client-centric and geared to maximize treatment success for your specific circumstance.

NEW CLIENTS: Please contact Tabitha to discuss suitability and scheduling before you purchase. 

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