Help Your Partner Overcome an Eating Disorder

Help Your Partner Overcome an Eating Disorder Guide


This guide is designed to help partners/ friends/ parents of adult sufferers of eating disorders help that person recover. It is based on the principles of family based therapy and how to apply them to an adult with an eating disorder.

Each chapter is accompanied with an audio file that further illustrates the information within the chapter and gives examples of interactions and potential complications.


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Product Description


I am revisiting these guides as I wrote them a while ago! I am also working on a much more complete guide which will be available by Christmas.

Inside this guide you will find:

  • Information on eating disorders
  • Information on Family-Based Therapy (FBT)
  • How to apply FBT to an adult sufferer
  • How to remove control from the eating disorder
  • How to structure a meal plan for weight restoration
  • How to administer meal support
  • How to deal with fear foods
  • How to deal with noncompliance from your partner
  • How to reduce meal support safely and when it is time to do so
  • How to deal with sufferers who over-exercise
  • How to make sure weight is maintained
  • How to avoid relapse

The guide is also full of links to blog posts and podcasts with more information on eating disorders.

While it was initially written with partners of adult sufferers in mind, this guide is relevant to any person who is helping an adult though an eating disorder.

This guide assumes that the person suffering from the eating disorder wants to recover. If you are worried about a person who will not acknowledge their eating disorder and therefore will not let you help them, please contact me.


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