Adults and Anorexia

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Recovery From Restrictive Eating: Other People’s Food

“Other people’s food.” You know, the food that other people eat. The food that is for them. Not for you. Not eating other people’s food makes you different. Special. Less dependent. Until you realize it doesn’t. I’d been getting braver. So much braver. I’d eaten more sticky toffee pudding that […]

June Alexander: Recovery as an adult, and writing.

  This week I talk to June Alexander, who was in her fifties when she fully recovered from long-term anorexia. June’s personal bio: I  love sharing my writing passion by helping people with eating disorder experience to tell their stories.  I believe everyone has a story to tell and the way […]

Anorexia as an evolved genetic response to famine

Shan Guisinger: Adapt to Flee Famine Perspective of Anorexia Evolution

  In this podcast we talk about the Adapt to Flee Famine Perspective of Anorexia evolution with Shan Guisinger. The Adapt to Flee Famine Perspective puts forward convincing evidence for the case that Anorexia is an evolved genetic response to times of famine. A migratory response that makes people with […]

Christmas with an eating disorder

Christmas with an Eating Disorder: Plan Not to Let It Ruin the Holiday

It’s December. The world is preparing for Christmas in terms of purchasing presents, arranging travel, and planning social events. For a person suffering from an eating disorder, however, a whole different sort of planning needs to be done. Christmas is fun, right? Not if you let an eating disorder ruin […]