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Question/Answer: Why is it so difficult for me to eat more?

Here’s a question I got via email today. I will write here my opinion on this question. I would like to remind readers that my opinion is just that, and that we are all unique individuals so it would be impossible for my general opinion on anything at all to […]

Back to the veganism and eating disorders conversation

I wrote a post sometime last year now about my opinion on why people who have suffered from an eating disorder such as Anorexia cannot, and should not be vegan. When I wrote it I assumed that I would get a fair amount of backlash from vegans—I expected criticism and welcome […]

Fat Definition, Word Origin, and Nutritional History

I have a simmering obsession with word origins. I also write about fat a lot, so it would be rude of me not to look into the word and where it came from.  After that, we’ll look into its rise and fall in popularity. Fat: Word Origin and Use In Old […]