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Why Weight Watchers can go to hell with their “FREE” teens membership

Where to start with this one? You’ve probably heard the news that Weight Watchers is targeting teenagers now with a free membership. Looks like they are on the hunt for more lifelong members. Lifelong being the word, because dieting behaviour tends to lead to a whole host of long-term problems […]

Eating disorder treatment

Why Eating Disorder Treatment Needs an Overhaul

There was a study published this month that showed what many of us have been saying for a long time: eating disorder treatment is massively ineffective in many cases and the industry is badly in need of some sort of overhaul. The study was published under the title Clinicians’ Attitudes, Concerns, […]

Fat Definition, Word Origin, and Nutritional History

I have a simmering obsession with word origins. I also write about fat a lot, so it would be rude of me not to look into the word and where it came from.  After that, we’ll look into its rise and fall in popularity. Fat: Word Origin and Use In Old […]

Fat does not cause heart disease

What Ancient Mummies Teach Us About Heart Disease and Fat

Ever wonder how the ancient mummies died in the first place? I have, many times. When I was young I remember thinking the that mummies must have died of old age, because they looked so very … old. The word “mummy” is derived from the Persian word “mumia,” referring to pitch, a […]