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This site was written for adults in recovery from restrictive eating disorders. The information on this site, however, is also helpful for parents of sufferers of any age, spouse or partners of adult sufferers, and friends/loved ones.

I take a biological view of restrictive eating disorders. In short, I see anorexia as a migration response. It is food scarcity (energy deficit) that sparks the migration response in many different species, including humans. For those of us with the predisposition for this migration response when we go into energy deficit, we develop an aversion to resting and eating — because both stopping to eat too much and resting are threats to a mammal’s ability to migrate successfully.  Migrating animals don’t stop to eat often, they eat only what they need to in order to keep going. Migrating animals have a strong urge to move. Based on my own experience of anorexia (compulsive exercise, and fear of eating more than the minimal amount need to survive) I have developed a biological approach to recovery using theories of mammal migration (Adapt to Flee Famine theory). 

The key to recovery is convincing your brain that there is no food scarcity. I believe that any person who wants to recover, can. 

Having an eating disorder is not a choice. Recovery is.


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I believe that full recovery takes nutritional rehabilitation plus neural rewiring. Based on biology and migration theory, my book outlines what I have learned from working with hundreds of adults in recovery. 

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