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This site was written for adults in recovery from eating disorders. The information on this site, however, is also helpful for parents of sufferers of any age, spouse or partners of adult sufferers, and friends/loved ones.

If you come away from this site knowing one thing, I want you to understand that eating disorders are genetically based illnesses. They are not a choice. They are not “caused by society” (although they are complicated and aggravated by society in a very serious way). They are not caused by bad parents or a “need for control.”

Having an eating disorder is not a choice. Recovery is.


Welcome to my blog!

Here you will find hundreds of blog posts about eating disorder recovery according to the world of me!

Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover!

I believe that full recovery takes nutritional rehabilitation plus neural rewiring. My book outlines what I have learned from working with hundreds of adults in recovery.

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