Hooray! I’ve added a podcast to my blog. It’s called the Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast and is available for free download in iTunes and Google Play. You can also listen to it straight from this site by going to the episode here. 

For this first episode I had the pleasure of talking to the fabulous Dr. Lauren Muhlheim over Skype today about adults with eating disorders.

Below are some of the issues that Dr. Muhlheim and I discussed. This is just the bare bones of the conversation and I recommend that you listen to the whole podcast as Dr. Muhlheim gives some incredibly valuable insight and decorates these points fantastically.

Remember, if you have a topic you would like to hear discussed on the show, contact me and let me know.

Dr. Lauren Muhlheimadults with eating disorders

Dr. Lauren Mulhleim is a clinical psychologist at Eating Disorder Therapy LA who specializes in providing evidence-based cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for a multitude of problems that adults experience including eating disorders. Dr. Muhlheim regularly volunteers her time for several organizations including the Academy for Eating Disorders, the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, and Best Friends LA. She is my go-to professional and a highly valued member of the eating disorder advocacy community.

In short: Dr. Muhlheim gets eating disorders. Check out her website for more information and resources and follow her on twitter @drmuhlheim 

Listen to the podcast to hear us discuss:

The biggest obstacles for adult sufferers when it comes to accessing treatment options.

Situations that trigger adult and post-menopausal onset of eating disorders.

The underlying dynamics of family and relationships for adults with eating disorders as well as the financial implications. 

The role and potential of Family-Based Therapy for treating adults with eating disorders.

Post inpatient treatment plans and relapse avoidance plans that are a must for continued care. 


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