In this podcast you will hear my conversation with Eva Musby. We talk about her experience with family-based therapy (or family-based treatment) as a mother. We also go into the key points that Eva addresses in her book and give you Getting a Person with an Eating Disorder to Eat:

  1. Understand the fear mechanism that is active when a person has an eating disorder. Logic and lectures will not work in this place, and Eva explains what you can use therefore.
  2. Compassion. Understanding how the sufferer is feeling will help you not blame them for their actions and will help you push through with family-based treatment (FBT).
  3. Creating an impression of utter confidence. This helps the sufferer trust that you as the parent know what you are doing and will reduce the panic and insecurity the sufferer feels. Watch: Stuck not Eating on You Tube
  4. Meal supporters must be on the same page. This is a key predictor of recovery — down to all decisions, not just the broad strokes.
  5. Become a great body language reader!
  6. Have a thick skin! Understand with compassion that the abuse the sufferer is dishing out is not personal.
  7. Self care and compassion for the caregiver. FBT is relentless! You have to be on your A game!

adobe-spark-14About Eva Musby

Eva Musby is a pen name. Eva’s otherwise healthy daughter spiralled into anorexia. Eleven months in hospital restored her health, but once she was home, Eva and her family learned a lot and made fast progress.

Eva now takes the principles that she learned in helping her daughter to recover and uses them to help other parents. She has a book on helping a child recover from an eating disorder which is a fantastic resource for any parent.

Where to find more information:

and twitter is @evamusby

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