This is a note rather than a blog post.

Long story short I get a ton of emails from people in recovery and people helping others recover. I always reply and do my best to be a support but sometimes wish I didn’t have a full time job and could help more.

Most of the time it is just that people want to talk to someone who has experienced what they are going through. Most of the time we just need some community.

So, I’ve set up a Slack for us. It acts as a private forum for adults in recovery and others supporting people in recovery. I’m hoping that if you need support or a community that you feel Facebook doesn’t suffice for you then you will request to join.

If you haven’t used Slack or don’t know what it is: Slack is an epic workplace communications tool. The format however is simply that of a forum — just easier to use than the traditional. It’s rather like a super-organized and topic-relevant Facebook group.

This will be invitation only, but anyone can request an invitation by emailing me. 🙂


Want to join?

You can request to join by emailing : helen (at) edmealsupport (dot) com




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