Dr Jennifer Gaudiani: Tummy Troubles in Eating Disorder Recovery


Tabitha talks to Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani about all things gastrointestinal in eating disorder recovery! We talk about bowel movements, irritable bowel syndrome, delayed gastric emptying, and so much more!

In the podcast Dr Guadiani mentioned the following medications for SIBO:

FC Cidal


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  1. I’ve heard wonderful things about Dr. G’s clinic, and it was very nice to hear and this enlightening podcast. Thank you again for continuing to bring this information to light through your work

  2. Thank you so much for this podcast! I am currently struggling so much with this topic and Jennifer explained in such a clear manner what is happenings in your body and the gut when starting to recover from restriction. If you feel so much pain and no hunger cues it’s so confusing and anxiety provoking! Especially with potential IBS. I wish she could be my doctor, unfortunately most doctors don’t have this knowledge and compassion. I hope she returns to your show and that you continue sharing this information with us. Especially about digestion, refeeding, regaining hunger cues and coping with physical discomfort. I have tried low fodmap for IBS-c and bloathing, but this is very restrictive also. The results are not very clear to me and i find certain foods even more scary now to eat.

    • I am following low fodmap aswell, I can get very confused in my head as to whether I’m “allowed” certain foods which is controlled by fodmap or my eating disorder. Does that 1 slice if bread really bloat me? Or is it my eating disorder response to food? I am new to recovery and in all honesty although my body is prepared my head isn’t, I can’t increase my calories or refeed without guilt and panic attacks. I have found this website by chance and I am truly thankful that I can use it as my crux on this journey. I hope to use the blogs and help of fellow sufferers to guide me out of this situation xx

  3. Thank you so much for posting this podcast!
    Dr. Gaudiani described so much of what my daughter is experiencing in her recovery. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone like Dr. G in Michigan, at least not that I’m aware of. I’m going to forward this podcast to my daughter’s team. I hope they will be enlightened!

  4. I am wondering if fiber doesn’t help us poop when we are malnourished, what should we be eating? What types of food will help us poop and not be constipated? And is it OK to take the miralax as Dr. G suggests if we are just starting to eat more food? I’d love to know as this is what I am experiencing right now. Thanks Tabitha!