I know this is a tough day for many of you. I made a little video to cheer you along, and to also remind you of the importance of not doing what I call “event restricting.”

Tabitha Farrar

Happy Thanksgiving from Colorado!

Event restriction is when you “save” calories for later. You perceive that you will eat more than normal at Thanksgiving dinner, and so you restrict earlier in the day to prepare. Or you exercise more. Either way, it doesn’t work. All that will happen is that you will be even more anxious and fearful of eating at dinner time. This is because restriction strengthens anorexia. The more you restrict, the more your brain fears eating, and the more your brain wants you to move. This could be boiled down to the migration response. Migrating animals eat very little and move a lot because stopping to feed all the time limits one’s ability to migrate and get to where you need to go. If you restrict at breakfast time, your brain thinks that there is scarcity in the environment, and therefore wants you to move to where there is more food.

Yes, a malnourished brain and body is very sensitive to any increase in restriction. Less food coming in at breakfast creates turmoil. Your anxiety heightens and you are less able to relax and eat later.

So … do not event restrict. Eat a big breakfast on Thanksgiving day, and a big lunch, and a big dinner and snack all day! Rest and eat. And repeat tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving

Tabitha Farrar


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