Recovery Feast Eating [Podcast]

Saying goodbye to 2017, and looking back over the year and what I have learned. In this podcast I talk about what I call recovery “feast” eating, which is more commonly referred to as “binge” eating. Looking at eating a lot of food as a highly appropriate response to restriction.

  • Why it is normal and appropriate to eat a lot of food when you are in recovery from anorexia
  • Why restriciton makes us desire to eat large amounts of food
  • The problem with psychoanalysing eating — especially recovery eating!

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  2. Hi Tabitha, while listening to this podcast a question came to me. I understand that we absolutely need air, water and food to live and that without any of these we will die, how can we/I fight against the voice that tells me, “well you are eating food, maybe not very much, but you are eating some so therefore you won’t die”?

    • Listening to that voice hasn’t got you health and happiness. You need to understand that just because you have a thought, it doesn’t mean that thought is true or valid or correct.


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