Dr Laura Hill: Motivation to Change in Anorexia Recovery [Podcast]


In this podcast Tabitha talks to Dr Laura Hill about motivation to change in anorexia recovery. But this time we’re talking about motivation to change on the side of the clinician, rather than the patient.

Link to Dr Laura Hill’s book,“A Brain-Based Approach to Eating Disorder Treatment” –> http://www.brainbasedeatingdisorders.org/

About Dr Laura Hill

Dr. Laura Hill is the President & CEO of The Center for Balanced Living, a free standing not-for-profit organization that specializes in the education, treatment and research of eating disorders. Dr Hill is the recipient of Muskingum University Distinguished Service Award in 2014, the National Eating Disorders Association 2011 Lori Irving Award for Excellence in Eating Disorders Prevention and Awareness and was a TEDx Columbus speaker in 2012. She is an original founder of the Academy for Eating Disorders in 1993 and was Director of what is now known as The National Eating Disorder Association from 1990 to 1994.

She is the lead author of the Family Eating Disorder Manual, 2012; and has conducted research and spoken internationally over the last 35 years.  She is a recipient of the national Feeding Hope award by NEDA, in collaboration with UCSD Eating Disorder and Research.


Find out more about Dr Laura Hill here: http://www.centerforbalancedliving.org/laura-hill/


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  1. great interview in understanding clinician’s motivation to change from their past training and experience. So many get stuck in ineffective treatment so it is good to hear that Dr Hill will be training more Medical Doctors and psychologists in how to understand this brain based illness. One thing that seemed to be missing was the importance of nutrition and food as medicine – as you always promote along with not getting stuck in minimal meal plans and weights which perpetuates the fears of food and weight.. I think without Dr Hill teaching that to clinicians the very first step is missing. Of course it is great to use traits in a positive way rather than destructive – like perfectionism and harm avoidance – but I wonder what your thoughts are about the program since they do have their clients on nutrition plans and not sure if they ever get fully weight restored. Is she of the philosophy that someone with anorexia always needs to be on a meal plan? How do they determine accurate weight restoration? They do allow for other restrictive diets, such as vegetarian and vegan. In other words the ED rules remain.

  2. This episode is fantastic, informative, and so exciting! I played it last night on my way home from my 3rd day as a graduate student (clinical psychology, focusing on Eating Disorders). I immediately forwarded it to myself so I can reference it over the next two years as I earn my degree.