Recovery Stories: How allowing my parents to refeed me saved my life [Podcast]

In this episode, I talk to “Simon’s Cat” a woman in recovery from anorexia. She shares her story about going back home to live with her parents for 3 months in order to start her recovery and get though the thoughest parts of the refeeding process.


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What do you think?

  1. This touched me at deep level in that it validated this need/desire that I have for someone to give me permission to eat. I’ve been wanting to find that kind of support for SO long. My logical mind knows that it’s ultimately up to me, but right now I just cant do it on my own. I’m so grateful to you and Simon’s Cat for sharing this.

  2. Love this podcast! So encouraging! Would love a follow up with someone who has successfully allowed friends to form part of their recovery team when you don’t have that option and how that can work. Currently have sort out help, but now trying to work out how to run with this thing called recovery!!!

  3. Such an important message – how tough it is to eat fully while being controlled by the eating disorder voice and why it is a sign of strength to seek parents or other loved ones to give you the meal support and permission to eat and get through that anxiety. Having loved ones to battle with you as a team is what gets through this fear with repeated exposures till you can do it on your own. I hope this message gets out to all adults who are suffering silently with the cruel ED voice – so they can be brave and seek outside help with family, partner and others.