Eating Disorder Coaching for Adults

I work with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and other restrictive eating disorders.

Coaching sessions are client-centric and geared to your specific circumstance


Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching with Me

I coach people of all ages in recovery — including kids and teens. I also work with parents, partners and spouses of people in recovery.

If a person is invested in recovery, then recovery doesn’t take long. Generally, for someone motivated to recover, we do one hour session to start, then another session at the 6-week mark. This usually suffices to get someone though the acute stage of recovery and into a place where they are transitioning to being a person without an eating disorder. Eating disorder recovery is not complicated, therefore ongoing coaching sessions are not required.

In situations where the individual in recovery if not motivated to recover, a different approach is taken and parents/partners should contact me to discuss options for this.



Contact me about recovery coaching


“Working with Tabitha on a recovery coaching basis has made the difference in my recovery from a decade of severe anorexia nervosa that I had come to believe was not possible for me. Skype sessions regularly with Tabitha are showing me new approaches to recovery that traditional treatment never has and finally things are working! Tabitha offers fantastic insight, advice, guidance, motivation….  I am not going to lie – she can be tough but that is what I need.  She also works tirelessly – things are never too much trouble and she genuinely cares for every one of her clients. I was very nervous about starting work with Tabitha but it was the best decision I have made and the only regrets I have are that I did not find her sooner! I still have a long way in my recovery to go and there are good and bad days but now for the first time in so long, thanks to Tabitha, I am progressing – my mindset is shifting and I actually believe that one day I will recover.”


I began working with Tabitha as a recovery coach and for the first time in my life I think I will recover from my eating disorder. I have been in IP twice and never fully healed or received the support I needed while in treatment. I have worked with an outpatient team for over two years and within two weeks of working with Tabitha I have made more progress than in the two years with my outpatient team. Tabitha is teaching me how to take control from the eating disorder. She is giving me practical tools to learn to manage ED and the anxiety that goes along with recovery. I can not speak highly enough about Tabitha. To feel the hope inside me that I could move beyond ED and have a life is incredible. I have always kept hope alive and at the same time didn’t believe I could heal from ED after having it for over a decade. Tabitha was my last resort in some ways I didn’t know what else what work. I keep trying to recover and it was not working and I was becoming frustrated. Thanks to Tabitha I am finally beginning to heal. It is an amazing feeling and takes a lot of work but she is right there step by step guiding and helping me.


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