What do I do as a recovery coach?

As I wrote in my book, Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover! I believe that there are two fundamental aspects to recovery from a restrictive eating disorder as an adult:

– Nutritional Rehabilitation to get the body out of energy deficit
– Neural Rewiring to rewire the neural pathways of restriction and other disordered behaviours for mental freedom

As a recovery coach I hold you accountable to unrestricted eating and allowing your body to nutritionally rehabilitate so that you can physically recover. I will also help you identify neural pathways that require rewiring and develop tools for doing this. My goal is for clients to become independent in sustaining recovery as quickly as possible.

I believe that full recovery is available for everyone. Including you!

One-off coaching sessions are totally fine.

I don’t ask you to commit to anything other than your own recovery, so you can have as many or as few sessions as you need. 

Food first

Recovery from a restrictive eating disorder has to involve food and in most cases it has to involve weight gain. My primary focus is the elimination of restriction, eating disorder behaviours, and the subsequent weight restoration and supporting a person in whatever it is that they need in order to achieve full recovery. This means unrestricted eating, and not suppressing one’s natural, healthy, bodyweight.

A biological approach

I focus on the biology of how energy deficit leads into the activation of an eating disorder, and how malnutrition leads your body and brain to acting and thinking in the way that we associated with eating disorder behaviours.  And … how unrestricted eating (responding to what the body is requesting of you via physical and mental hunger) leads to the return of a healthy mind and body.

Adults with eating disorders face very different realities then children or teenagers do. Many of us have families to support, children, partners, jobs, mortgages, healthcare issues, and other sorts of complications. A realistic approach to recovery is not prescriptive. It is about meeting a person where they are at in life.
What works for one person in recovery doesn’t always work for another. I believe in listening to people with eating disorders, and above all helping the individual work out what works for them taking into account their personal situation.
Not all adults are lucky enough to have the “perfect” resources available to them in recovery. I look at what the individual has available in terms of professional, family, and community support and work with what we have. We may have to think outside the box, we may have to build the box — but we’ll work it out and get the individual what they need in order to be successful.
Different methods work for different people. Often, different methods work at different stages in recovery within an individual too. Being agile means being fast to shift gears — be it up or down — and listening to the individual to determine what is working and what is not working today, and makes the appropriate changes in real time.
Many of us need to develop alternative coping mechanisms for times of stress in order to sustain our recovery. At an even more base level, many of us need to adopt our home lives to suit the changes that we need to make in order to sustain recovery too.
To the point
You’re not a kid. I’m not going to treat you like one.

$100 hourly rate for 1:1 coaching on:

  • Understanding full nutritional rehabilitation
  • Understanding neural rewiring – rewiring belief systems – managing fear and anxiety – identifying behaviours and thought patterns to rewire
  • Unrestricted eating
  • Making recovery work regardless of your situation – troubleshooting obstacles to recovery (mental and physical)
  • Mindfulness exercises to help you control your nervous system
  • Overcoming fear of weight gain, fear foods etc
  • Addressing triggers (and how to become trigger proof)
  • Exercise and compulsive movement
  • Practices to eliminate eating disorder behaviors

Let's get your recovery going!

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