Eating Disorder Recovery Kit for Adults

Free Eating Disorder Recovery Resource for Adults 


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Adults with eating disorders seeking recovery often find that they do not have access to the same sort of support that children and adolescents with eating disorders do. I know how difficult Eating Disorder Recovery is on your own, and the information in this plan with help you navigate your recovery.


I include exercises, protocols, and practices that helped me reach and sustain my full recovery from Anorexia including information on:

  • Meal Planning through the Stages of Eating Disorder Recovery 
  • Food quantity at mealtimes and tricks to stick it to your ED. 
  • Finding and working with an ED Check Person
  • How to use this plan alongside inpatient treatment
  • How to avoid relapse in years to come
  • How to work with family and friends
  • How to differentiate yourself from your eating disorder
  • How to manage external influences such as work, friends, and social situations
  • How to use your ED against itself. 
  • How to recognize all the weird ED shit that you do and stop doing it!


This Eating Disorder Recovery kit is FREE TO DOWNLOAD


Who is this Eating Disorder Recovery Kit designed for?

  • Adults with eating disorders who want to recover
  • Parents/spouses/partners/friends of adults with eating disorders who want to help
  • Anyone curious to understand more about how eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa effect the sufferer and what it takes to reach a full recovery. 


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