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A book about eating disorders, diet culture, and the differences between the two.

This is the long and detailed version of my recovery from Anorexia and all the events between onset at age 17 and full recovery at age 30.
Written by: Tabitha Farrar
ISBN: 0692461426
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This book has two stories within it:

1. How I treated my own mental illness: Anorexia
2. How I rebuilt my relationship with fat.

Self-confident, strident and cock-sure of myself, I was the last person anyone thought would suffer from Anorexia. Much of my failure to find treatment was due to her not being considered the “type” in a treatment system following a psychoanalytic model.

How could a girl with no history of trauma, no body-image issues, and loving family get an eating disorder?

I put myself through a regimented recovery program based on what was then considered a radical and emerging new wave of eating disorder understanding: that Anorexia is a mental disorder and not caused by environmental influences alone. Eating enough to overcome the disease was one thing, but living in a culture obsessed with “healthy” eating and restrictive diets, learning how to eat with my heart rather than my head was the bigger challenge.

Author bio:

I am now an advocate for evidence-based eating disorder treatment and a balanced diet that includes fat and disallows nothing. I work as a full-time marketer and part-time horse trainer in Boulder, Colorado.

P.S. My first draft was 142,000 words long. Editing this beast took me three times as long as writing it did. I kept the edits, and I will be publishing them in my blog. If you are interested to see the material that did not make it (usually because I was worried I’d burden the mailman with hate mail), check out the “editouts” blog section.

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