EDAW2017 Adults with Eating Disorders: Money and Work

In this special podcast for Eating Disorder Awareness week, I share some stories and experiences from adults in recovery from eating disorders. Today the focus is money and work.

Adults in recovery from eating disorders face different challenges than children and teenagers do. The idea behind AEDRA — Active Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults is that we focus on adults and the specific problems that an adult in recovery will face.

The money and work one is a big topic of conversation for adults. We often have to pay for our own treatment. What do we do when we are too sick to work? Recovery is a full time job, so what about taking time out for that? And then there are the money-spending problems that many people with restrictive eating disorders have.

From spending money on putting the heating on to keep a thin and frail body warm enough, to paying thousands for treatment, to actually forking out for that piece of cake that you know you are scared to eat. It all adds up to a lot of money stress. That is what we are talking about today.

Active Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults website: http://www.adulteatingdisorderrecovery.com/en/

Private adults only online support group: http://tabithafarrar.com/slack-forum/

Blogs on Anorexia and Money: http://tabithafarrar.com/2016/10/anorexia-money-recovery-meant-look-relationship/

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If you want to send me your thoughts on tomorrow’s topic please email me at info@tabithafarrar.com. The Topics that will be covered this week are as follows:

Mon – Work/money – financial issues due to being sick
Tue – Family – partners and children
Wed – Entrenched behaviours/ personal identity crisis after 5,10,20,30 + years of ED identity
Thur – Loneliness
Fri – Not being treated like an adult in treatment

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  1. Are there any opportunities to discuss these in a group (in person)? Do you know of any in Denver? Single women dealing with the chronicity of this illness and the many organs affected by it are underserved and may stay on the cycle due to the ‘impenetrable loop’ of few resources, little to no support, frustration, and no equity in self efficacy.

  2. i also find it rather surreal that i am in huge battle with ED and no one i encounter at work ever comments or asks about it,so having to carry on as if nothing is wrong and work appointments etc around it…plus the paying for treatment if one has ow self esteem anyway there is the battle do i deserve to have this £ spent on me?…..the other problem is when offered food, i feel self conscious saying ” no thanks” as i do not want them to think i am being rude…. i never dare reply ” i stick to a meal plan” there again is sticking to a meal plan to keep healthy also restrictive behaviour at times???

  3. Hi Tabitha!!

    I was wondering if the the Friday Podcast was accessible …because I cannot seem to find a way to link/delve into it?! This particular topic hits a major ‘vein’ for me…as I experienced some truly horrific moments in various IP situations. I so admire absolutely all of your generous work. In my opinion…your blog with regards to anorexia recovery is simply the best…forward.motion-based blog…in existence. Deep bows and curtsies.

    • Hi Donn

      Ended up not doing that one as I published the ED and Yoga one instead. If you would like to email me with your thoughts on IP experiences, I may do that one in the future.