If you are on this site I bet you already know WHY you need to practice yoga. Many of you like me probably teach yoga. But some of you like me will have a tendency to get so busy doing just that an other things that you fail to practice with regularity.

Why would that be?


  • The yoga studios in your town dont inspire you
  • You struggle to stick to a home practice and stay motivated to practice alone
  • Your salary doesn’t really allow for a membership at a yoga studio
  • Your home environment doesn’t exactly enhance your zen….especially when you are constantly interrupted by the phone, animals, children, partner, housemates etc
  • You work 10 hours a day and that doesn’t leave much time or energy for yoga
  • You got injured



  • You teach every day and by the time that you get home the idea of teaching yourself in home practice makes your brain ache
  • You spend so long in the studio that you dont want to practice there
  • You feel intimidated/ intimidating practicing with your students
  • Your teaching wage doesn’t really allow for a membership at another yoga studio
  • Your home environment doesn’t exactly enhance your zen….


So, there are a TON of reasons not to practice yoga….….but


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