Yoga 101: Basic Series


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This series is a workshop style 6 week progression course that will enable participants to:



  • Understand the terminology used in yoga classes so that they can confidently attend open yoga classes 
  • Perform the fundamental yoga postures that are commonly used in classes
  • Understand the therapeutic benefits of yoga poses, why we go them and how they help our bodies and minds
  • Understand the breath-work that is used in yoga classes
  • Understand the different styles of yoga and identify which style best suits them
  • Know how to adapt yoga postures so that they can participate in yoga classes without pain or injury


A bit about the course:

  • The workshop style class allows participants to ask questions frequently and break down techniques for a more through understanding.
  • All courses are 6 weeks in total- it is highly recommended that all parts are taken.
  • Courses are limited to number of participants so that each participant can have the benefit of a small teaching group
  • All levels welcome, this is a beneficial way to refresh and re-vamp your current yoga practice if you are already a practitioner. For Beginners its a through guide to all that you need to understand so that you can confidently walk into a yoga studio and practice.
  • Homework and recommended reading will be given
  • Yoga has been proven to lower Blood pressure, Lessen risks of heart disease, increase flexibility and improve muscle tone, enhance immune system function and sharpen cognitive ability among many other benefits. This course will help you discover exactly how a yoga practice can benefit you, and more functionally how to achieve a regular yoga practice.

Course overview:

Week One

  • Introduction to the series, personal aims and check in
  • Breath work explained: practice breath techniques and learn the physical and mental benefits of these techniques as well as what to feel for when performing them
  • Introduction to sun salutation sequence
  • Shavasana explanation and  practice
  • Set homework

Week Two

  • Review week One
  • Sun salutation continued
  • Introduction to the standing postures most commonly used in Yoga classes
  • Set Homework

Week Three

  • Review previous weeks
  • Standing postures continued…..
  • Sequencing/ flow introduced
  • Set Homework

Week Four

  • Introduction to energy systems, meridians, chakras and feeling
  • How yoga can help heal- therapeutic implications
  • Introduction to seated postures commonly used in yoga classes
  • Set Homework

Week Five

  • Check in and review
  • Continuation of seated postures
  • Introduction to restorative postures commonly used in yoga classes
  • Set Homework

Week Six

  • Review
  • Practice
  • Discuss personal continuation

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