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I’ve created a Slack forum for discussions on restrictive eating disorder recovery and support for adults with eating disorders

This is a strictly pro-recovery place, and all members are invitation-only.

Notice: Slack is closed to new members until the New Year. Please check back then

If you want an invitation t0 join, email Karen –> or Rhiannon –>

Support for adults in recovery (over age 25 only)

What our members say about the Slack group:

I thought I would be alone in my struggles until I found the support on Slack. ”
“I realised there were many adults who were experiencing my difficulties, thinking my thoughts and finding their way through the same troubles. I realised I had people there to listen, take time to support and offer practical, compassionate and achievable suggestions that’s making such a difference in my recovery.”
“Coping with recovery as an adult with an ed has been made so much more achievable since joining Slack. It’s my daily go to routine I simply can’t live without. “

“slack differs from other eating disorder forums as it is purely adults and very pro recovery.  Everyone is fighting and everyone is so supportive with each other in understanding and helping with personal battles. The forum has helped me feel less isolated and given laughter, tears and genuine hope.”

“Slack is not simply about eating. It’s giving adults hope and motivation, building confidence and offering a space to voice those fears so that you feel you can take that necessary  and choosing recovery.”

“LoveFat Slack for me = (Adults+Recovery+Wisdom-BS)×faith×hope×love×compassion×patience  = a deep knowing and sharing of recovery stories that Adults – ED are worthy exp1000.  All done by adults eating together one more mouthful together at a time.”

“Slack has given ED something to really chew on!”

“I roamed for a very long time in the tunnels of the eating disorder, then I met SLACK and I succeed finally in recovering, thanks to the support, thanks to women’s mutual aid of my age also (+40)”


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