Please use this contact form to enquire about recovery coaching and speaking engagements. You can also use this form to send in questions for YouTube. 

Please note: I cannot answer 1-1 questions via email for non-clients. If you want to ask me 1-1 questions you will need to book a consultation. This is because I can’t make guesses about a person’s situation from an email. 

Temporary Notice: I am temporarily not accepting YouTube questions because I currently have a backup of questions to work through. If you wanted to submit a question please wait, and continue watching the channel as it is highly likely that in the current question list I have I will answer something similar. Any questions submitted while this notice is up will not be answered. If something is urgent I do offer one-off coaching sessions in which you can ask personal questions. 

Even more Temporary Notice: I’m moving house, and when I say moving house I really mean moving farms, which is just like moving house only with many animals involved. Hence, I’ll not be answering emails from Oct 28-Nov 8th (maybe, we will see how I do.). Sorry for the inconvenience. Moving farms is a lot of work and I need to ensure I have plenty of time to sit on the sofa doing nothing in particular and eating crisps, because that is my version of self care. 🙂


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