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What people say ...

Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover has been the best “treatment” I have ever had


I never understood why others in treatment personified their eating disorder. For me, like you, I just had thoughts and feelings. I never had a “voice”, in third person talking to me in my head. I thought I was the only one. I definitely had horrible, dreadful thoughts, but they were always me, being incredibly cruel and hateful to myself. I am working so hard to recover. My last stay in residential treatment was exactly a year ago. I still struggle SO HARD, but Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover has been the best “treatment” I have ever had (and I’ve had A LOT!)!!

Heather Stone

Shooting from the hip


Tabitha has a refreshing frankness in this piece. I have shared it with all the team I work with.


Speaks the Truth


Tabitha Farrar is not someone to listen to unless you want to hear and read the truth about eating disorders. Great site.

Therese Waterhous



I have written before. I have had anorexia since I was 19 and now I am 54. Tabatha has given me something no other therapists hospital or even good friends have been able to do. The way she looks at the biology and genetic predisposition have taken the shame of my eating disorder away and turned it into something like a math problem that has a solution!!! I think the “fuck it” attitude is turning me around. There is a another book written by Joyce Meyer “ Battlefield of the Mind” that is a Christian book about changing your thoughts and beliefs. For me, the two go just perfectly together! I may be Tabitha’s biggest fan. I’m making changes st 54!!!!!!

Mary Catherine Turcotte

Amazing Information


Thank you so much for all your valuable information.


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Hi, I just want to say I LOVE and 100% relate to so many of the topics you discuss in your podcast. You truly are inspirational AND motivational for me. I just listened to your podcast: Why Finding and Eliminating Hidden Restriction Aids in Anorexia Recovery and also read an article written by Hannah on her blog https://www.healthyhappyhannah.com/recovery/2018/6/28/my-battle-with-binge-eating-disorder In this blog, I was wondering if she really had a binge eating disorder. Could you read it and let me know what you think? Thanks so much, you are awesome:)

Kayla DeSuza

Gaining a few pounds slightly changing bmi


My doctor who monitors my heath/weight/nutrition weekly as I am quite ill …….well, he is my only support says oh you gained a few pounds ~ see you in a couple of weeks ~ it leaves me thinking I can’t get support unless I weigh X amt of pounds. Then I restrict more on top of already restricting so I can get the support I need. It’s working against me making me sicker.


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This blog is the most honest out there and really is so motivating for someone in any stage of recovery.


Tabitha is Incredible


Tabitha’s blog saved my life! She is so realistic about REAL recovery-no halfway, “clean eating” bullshit that is so common after anorexia. Tabitha will never know the extent of my gratitude to her. She is amazing.


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Tabitha speaks the truth. I think she would be a tough coach, but VERY effective 😀

Jennifer C

Speaking what others are afraid to say. Excellent!


I hope you don’t mind, I’ve added your link to a wikihow page because I find this extremely important to get the word out to others. Thank you for writing this. I especially loved the peanut butter part.


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Hoping my daughter also named Tabitha will be able to relate to you to open her mind to getting well.


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Every blog post is an invaluable resource, and I truly believe that Tabitha is sharing the most clear, honest and wise recovery advice for any adult trying to get themselves out of the grasp of the Eating Disorder. Can’t thank you enough Tabitha!


Simply brilliant advice


I am an eating disorder therapist and I give links to Tabitha’s podcasts. . They find Before recovery vs after recovery Answers a listeners questions about Dinning out Social life Exercise Feeling cold https://tabithafarrar.com/2017/10/recovery-vs-recovery/ give them hope for a new life.

Tony Henshall

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I found Tabitha a year and a half ago. Thankfully. It has been quite a struggle but I love how open and honest she is about recovery. Tabs has helped me understand that it is okay to want to eat. And that there should be no limit in the amount I eat or what my body deems as a healthy weight. Thank you Tabitha!!

Amy L

Thank you


Thank you, Tabitha. If only I had found you before… Thanks, once and again!


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One of the most useful recovery sites. I wish I had found Tabitha a few years ago. Recovery would have been so much clearer and somehow “easier” for me. Thanks for all your work and help. You are actually helping lots of people. I cannot thank you enough.


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Very informative and helpful

Leonie Wharram

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Thank you thank you thank you!




I wasn’t a lost cause & neither are you!


I have been in and out of hospital for the last 20 years and I can honestly say the ‘treatment’ I received was not only unhelpful but detrimental. Tabitha knows what she is talking about, she has herself suffered from an eating disorder and her research, intelligence and dedication to the cause results in saving lives. I would not be where I am today without this woman. I was told by ‘professionals’ that I’d never recover, that I needed manage my anorexia forever. They were wrong. To anyone that needs to make sense of their eating disorder, please read Tabitha’s books/blog posts, watch her YouTube videos and listen to her podcasts. I wasn’t a lost cause & neither are you.


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I love u and ur work, I hope i can heal


The prize of recovery


I am a eating disorder therapist. Many of my clients are in two minds about recovering. On the one hand they understand that the life they are living is horrendous, but on the other hand the thought of actually changing, terrifies them. I like to let them listen to this podcast which in a conversational way shows them what their life could be like. Tabitha describes how it was (which they readily identify with) then talks about how her life is now – a prize well worth striving for. There is something about this podcast which seems to go straight past the protestations of the eating disorder and gives the rational part of the person hope and a vision of what life will be like once they have recovered. My clients love it. Simply brilliant

Tony Henshall

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Im begining my journey of recovery and am stunned that i came accross your page. Someone recommended your page on a fb ed support page. Thank you for all of yojr hard work to help people like me.

Samantha collette

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The best and most useful thing I’ve read of late – pretty much exactly where I am now


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Brilliantly put thank you


Thank you!


Thank you! This blog was really helpful for me as a person who fights with ED for 3 years now. Thank you for giving answers to my questions and for supporting people like me!


Fantastic Blog


I found this blog a while back and I absolutely love it. It’s one of the most realistic, honest and comforting recovery site I’ve ever found.


Thank you for helping me helping myself


This is amazing. I can’t thank you enough.


changed my life


quite simply this blog changed my life and gave me information and hope. Thank you Tabitha.

Lucy Priest



So much compassion and information. Really helps understanding. I am the Uncle of a wonderful darling niece who is dealing with CED. I want to understand how to help. Thank you.

Dann Bunn



Thank you Tabitha this is exactly where I’m stuck! Thx so much!


I'd give 6 out of 5 stars!


If I could, I’d give 6 out of 5 stars! I remember googling “Intuitive Eating” amidst my ED recovery journey. thinking I could just follow my nonexistent body’s cues. Through her blog posts, books, and YouTube videos (ft. animals!!) Tabitha pushed me to unpack, admit, and fight my ED BS. Don’t know where I’d be without her !


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Exactly what I was looking for


New information


I like learning new information and I like your blog a lot just for that

Candice Foust



Realistic&affirming,challenging and honest,relatable and informed. A medicine in itself. All professionals claiming to be working in the field of ‘eds’ need to learn from this and share with colleagues&patients. Sufferers and families and friends:if you care,take the time to dig in and APPLY. Dont just highlight and admire. If Carlsberg did recovery approaches and victory…Tabitha would be there somehow!x


Thank you


“Anorexia Recovery: What about when I am not hungry?” Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have had issues with lack of appetite for years and now as an amature athlete it has been my biggest limiter. I had no idea that I might still be recovering. I have talked at length with my physicians and even GENTs with no answers! Now I have a path that I can explore towards a more normal appetite. Reading everything here has been a complete ‘Aha’ moment for me. Thank you. <3


incredibly helpful


Your insight is fantastic and incredibly helpful! Thank you Tabitha!


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it’s very interessing and very inspirate

sarah lafosse

Thank you Tabitha


Love the blog, all of your content and your approach to recovery from eating disorders. Thank you Tabitha.




Brilliant and so helpful

Ellen Seeley

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Brilliant article, thank you




I love to read her blog and really enjoy listening to the podcasts as well. Tabitha is a real inspiration to me and her story gives me so much hope. So, a big thank you!


Vital podcasts


These podcasts are vital for my recovery. The address all the questions, doubts, fears, concerns that I have around my ED. I am ever grateful that Tabitha has forged the way and I am doing my best to follow her guidance and recovery way.

Sophie Cospain Davidson

so informative


THis is so informative- I have had many experiences of this. Why do the uk hospitals and drs not address this correctly. I was rendered into disability because of my local hospital lack of knowledge it was dangerous and I nearly died because of their lack of knowledge and resources . So many useful tips and resources.


So useful


I listen to Tabitha’s podcasts, watch youtube videos and read her blog on a daily basis as I have found all her information so useful as progressing through my anorexia recovery. I have recommended her book to my therapist and dietician and they have also found it very insightful and really useful. So appreciative of all her hard work, thank you 🙂




These recovery stories are so valuable thank you. Especially when you have no friends or family network.




THIs is a brilliant example of excessive ocd movement and ED. My biggest fear is if I gain weight I won’t be fit anymore. It’s hard to hear. Step into the fear.




Amazing piece. I found anorexia made me more fearful




I am recovering from a 20 year battle with anorexia because of this woman. I owe her my life.



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