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What people say ...

Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover has been the best “treatment” I have ever had


I never understood why others in treatment personified their eating disorder. For me, like you, I just had thoughts and feelings. I never had a “voice”, in third person talking to me in my head. I thought I was the only one. I definitely had horrible, dreadful thoughts, but they were always me, being incredibly cruel and hateful to myself. I am working so hard to recover. My last stay in residential treatment was exactly a year ago. I still struggle SO HARD, but Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover has been the best “treatment” I have ever had (and I’ve had A LOT!)!!

Heather Stone

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Exactly what I was looking for


New information


I like learning new information and I like your blog a lot just for that

Candice Foust



Realistic&affirming,challenging and honest,relatable and informed. A medicine in itself. All professionals claiming to be working in the field of ‘eds’ need to learn from this and share with colleagues&patients. Sufferers and families and friends:if you care,take the time to dig in and APPLY. Dont just highlight and admire. If Carlsberg did recovery approaches and victory…Tabitha would be there somehow!x


Thank you


“Anorexia Recovery: What about when I am not hungry?” Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have had issues with lack of appetite for years and now as an amature athlete it has been my biggest limiter. I had no idea that I might still be recovering. I have talked at length with my physicians and even GENTs with no answers! Now I have a path that I can explore towards a more normal appetite. Reading everything here has been a complete ‘Aha’ moment for me. Thank you. <3


incredibly helpful


Your insight is fantastic and incredibly helpful! Thank you Tabitha!


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it’s very interessing and very inspirate

sarah lafosse

Thank you Tabitha


Love the blog, all of your content and your approach to recovery from eating disorders. Thank you Tabitha.




Brilliant and so helpful

Ellen Seeley

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Brilliant article, thank you




I love to read her blog and really enjoy listening to the podcasts as well. Tabitha is a real inspiration to me and her story gives me so much hope. So, a big thank you!


Vital podcasts


These podcasts are vital for my recovery. The address all the questions, doubts, fears, concerns that I have around my ED. I am ever grateful that Tabitha has forged the way and I am doing my best to follow her guidance and recovery way.

Sophie Cospain Davidson

so informative


THis is so informative- I have had many experiences of this. Why do the uk hospitals and drs not address this correctly. I was rendered into disability because of my local hospital lack of knowledge it was dangerous and I nearly died because of their lack of knowledge and resources . So many useful tips and resources.


So useful


I listen to Tabitha’s podcasts, watch youtube videos and read her blog on a daily basis as I have found all her information so useful as progressing through my anorexia recovery. I have recommended her book to my therapist and dietician and they have also found it very insightful and really useful. So appreciative of all her hard work, thank you 🙂




These recovery stories are so valuable thank you. Especially when you have no friends or family network.




THIs is a brilliant example of excessive ocd movement and ED. My biggest fear is if I gain weight I won’t be fit anymore. It’s hard to hear. Step into the fear.




Amazing piece. I found anorexia made me more fearful




I am recovering from a 20 year battle with anorexia because of this woman. I owe her my life.


Thank you


Your blog is like no other information out there. I’ve had anorexia for seven years and have felt so alone for so long but you literally explain everything I feel in an accessible way – I’ve directed my therapist to your blog. Thank you so much!


Truly helpful


I am 53 and have had anorexia for 35 years. I don’t know what you call my type of anorexia. I starve all day, exercise like crazy and eat tons of sweets at night. I am divorced and live with my brother who is also divorced and a therapist. The three of us work together. My therapist basically fired me unless i get to and stay at a certain weight which is still reasonably too low for normalcy. I have read tons of books,and seen numerous therapists. I’ve been hospitalized 9 times. Through all of this I’ve been employed and functioned reasonably well but the anorexia chains are there. About three to four weeks ago I found your blogs, YouTube videos, etc. YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO ME SO MUCH!!!! I love your laid back attitude. your sense of humor and how you see everyone as an individual!!! I have probably watched 30 YouTube blogs. I connect and love the way you see each person as an individual and having their own plan of recovery that works for me. I AM an individual and have certain things that work and things that don’t and I really am the only one who understands. You have given me so much hope! Hope to find and trust my own recovery which you have really given me inspiration for! And Stinky Cat helps to! I listen to something of yours every day and you are TRULY HELPING ME!!!

Mary Catherine Turcotte

nail on the head


You hit the nail on the head Tabitha. Good for you and thank you. I now ‘get’ over-shoot and vegan / non-vegan in recovery. You explained it so well.

Martha Valiquette



This blog was extremely comforting when I learned what hyperphagia is, why its okay to eat a lot, when this had been discouraged by my nutritionist. I appreciate the common sense approach and recommend it to anyone in recovery. I’m an orthorexic/atypical anorexic a year and a half into recovery. Thank you Tabitha!


This helped sooooo much!


This helped sooooo much! Thank you for sharing your experience.

Karen York

You've saved my life


You’ve saved my life. Thank you for everything Tabitha.


Thank you


An honest and vulnerable post that spoke directly to me.Have some thinking to do.Thank you.

Susan zumback



This is the one blog out of the hundreds I followed that convinced me to start active recovery, instead of just planning it ‘one day’. It was an absolute lifechanger, and I honestly believe I would never have fully embraced recovery without Tabitha.




.i can identify 100% on the lower level exercising proble.m associated with Anorexic OCD behaviour. Always taking the longer route and doing it every single day without fail!




You’re amazing and everything you write is so helpful and relatable. Thank you


Incredible resource


Tabitha’s website has been such an incredible resource for my husband and myself as our daughter works through her recovery. The podcasts, blogposts and several skype sessions with Tabitha have provided immeasurable information, guidance and support. This is a full-service, on-line resource center, full of science-based and heartfelt information. I really can’t put into words my appreciation for what Tabitha provides.

Cindy Tenaglia



I love you and your you tube channel! Everything you say is awesome … and hilarious!!!

LORI Starkey



Tabitha is recovery GOLD. When I first came across her blog, I was underweight and in the grip of anorexia, desperate and confused. But it was like Tabitha had looked inside my head and told me exactly the things I wanted (and needed) to hear in order to recover. She gave me the courage to give recovery a shot, and gave me the tools I needed to continue with it, and reassure myself that I was doing the right thing. I would NEVER be where I am today without Tabitha- recovered, and blissfully anorexia-free. I cannot recommend her enough.


extremely helpful


I found this extremely helpful with more precise information than anywhere else I had looked.

m cole

Thank you


I am not sure I can find enough superlatives to express the vital importance, and the unmatched breadth and quality, of what Tabitha has made available for sufferers of eating disorders and their families. Tabitha is so prolific in covering the myriads of ways that EDs wreak havoc, and most importantly in expanding our understanding and providing tangible ways to move through recovery to reclaim wellness. She is genuine, courageous, candid, funny, persistent, brilliant and committed to using her own experience, and tapping into the most current and relevant science, evidence and personal stories out there, to help sufferers become liberated and fully recovered. Thank you Tabitha, for each and every podcast and blog post, it is making such a difference!




Your podcasts are giving my daughter hope after 7 years, 3 hospitalizations, and 3 treatment stays. Your story resonates with us. Thank you so much …


Super Helpful


This blog has helped me more then anything else in my recovery and has literally been a life saver. Thank you Tabitha!


Thank you


So, I’m lying here in bed, and I am CERTAIN that now you do so much outreach work, you will receive hundreds of emails every week. But even if you don’t have the time to read this, it really helped me to write to you instead of focusing on not going on that run… And maybe if I get back in touch in August, I’ll be able to join you all in the slack community! And if you do get a chance to read this, further down the line – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING YOU’RE SUPER GREAT!!


I can eat


Thank you for helping me to see what I could not see Thank you for teaching me I can eat, I can breathe, and I can live free. Thank you for teaching me how to walk again in life and instead of being afraid and playing it small. Thank you for being there and guiding me. Today I realized very very slowly and didn’t quite realize it until we were talking that I went through the day without ED bugging me even with the stress I was able to go talk and be present. I was able to sit and be. That is amazing. Thank you it is a gift what you are doing. You have given me a gift..you have helped me get my life back or give me the life I was too afraid to live. Xx


Thank you


I’ve been meaning to write and say thank you for your blog for over a year now (!!) I came across Love Fat back when you had recently published the book, and were just writing blog posts intermittently. I loved your style and felt a real affinity with what you were writing and how down to earth you were… I read back through all your posts, and wished that there were double as many!! When I found out that you were starting a podcast I was delighted, and listened to every episode as soon as it came out. I’m in the UK, and [not to stereotype but the general style of lots of US podcasts is a little less grounded (?)] it’s super refreshing to hear your voice / you really make me smile every time you’re super blunt and just say things how they are, no sugar coating… 😉


Thank you for getting this heart to beat


Tabitha–I could say you helped me through the semester, through the exams, through the year–but that’d be a shallow effort. Thank you for getting this heart to beat. Nothing matters unless my mouth is full. You’ve changed everything for me. Every thing.


Thank you


I just wanted to let you how much of a difference what you have done has contributed to my recovery so far and it has prevented me from relapsing several times. I am sure other people going through the same situation would also find it helpful. So thank you agin for providing all these resources, I think it is inspiring how you have used your experiences to make such a posive difference to people affected by eating disorders (:



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