By Nichole Nurenberg 

I Love Fat

Nichole is a friend of mine, she writes some very wise things:

I Love Fat

Truth be told,

I love fat.

I love the fat on my son and on other babies, in bacon, butter, on my own body, in my happy-chicken eggs, on the bodies of my neighbors and community, in yogurt, my breast milk, salmon lox, ghee, on pugs and other roly-poly animals, in avocados, good oils, raw dairy cream, seeds and nuts, coconut, in chocolate, goat cheese, on my friends and my family and even on strangers too.

My own diet includes vegan fats, vegetarian fats, pure-veg fats and animal fats.

I like fat and I love fat.

I do.

It is tastes good.

It feels good to hold and snuggle.

It is soft and not so long ago, having an ample amount of it was the standard of absolute beauty. I even have fat wishes for those with little-to-no fat on their bodies–I wish them the juiciness, sweetness and softness that comes with having fat on our bodies. When I see or hug a person with very little personal fat, this wish comes up spontaneously, with compassion and without exception.

Fat is grounding and stabilizing.

From Ayurveda we know that fat settles the Vata dosha.

Fats are also the medium for which the fat-soluble toxins that we have eaten or been exposed to are then removed from our bodies.

Fats help protect our skin from the sun and wind.

Fats condition our skin, allowing it to glow and to also be a strong means of protective immunity. Conditioned skin also allows us to enjoy the touch and feel of everything we love to be contact with.

Fats lend shine and bounce to our hair.

Fat gives stability, protection and fluidity of movement in our joints. Fats lubricate our means of elimination lessening the chance for certain types of cancers. Fat allows for the integration of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K bolstering our fertility and strengthen our bones, blood and teeth.

From the curve our hips, to the heels of our feet– physiologically intended fat deposits protect our bodies from the impact of living, moving, laboring our babies, playing, love making and working.

Let’s all love healthy fats and healthy fatness.

Let’s soften our minds and judgments around fat and allow our hearts to express their true love for good fat.

It’s already true anyway.

It is.

We are simply out of sync with our deep and collective longing to express this love.

It’s true.

It is.

I know it and you do too.

So set a smile on your face, take in a full breath and allow your belly to soften on the exhale. 

Ahh, there you go!

A little bit closer to fine.






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