New Book: Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover!

Note: this is available for Kindle pre-order right now. Give it about 10 days and the print option will also be available. 

I have put all my blogs, podcasts, and YouTune channel information into one book!

This book is for adults in recovery from anorexia, as the recovery process is different for adults in a number of ways. The most important, is that once you have had an eating disorder for a number of years already, you have neural pathways of restriction, compulsive exercise, and any other behaviours to rewire as well as the nutritional rehabilitation part.

Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover! focuses on:
– Nutritional rehabilitation to heal the body.
– Neural rewiring to shift neural pathways of restriction, exercise compulsions, and anorexia-generated thoughts and behaviours in the brain.

Using experience from my own anorexia recovery, and accounts from adults whom I have worked with as a recovery coach, In this book, I take you through the process of building your own, personalised, recovery.

As well as non-traditional ideas and concepts, this book delivers a “Toolkit” to help with the neural rewiring process, and action-based ideas to help you eat without restriction.

Topics covered:

  • Feast eating in recovery (aka “binge eating)
  • Why you need to eat a lot of food in recovery
  • Unrestricted eating, and eating to mental hunger
  • Getting over mealtime fear
  • Weight gain and trusting your body
  • The mental state shift that indicates progress
  • Restriction, and how to rewire these thoughts and behaviours
  • OCD-ED, and other compulsions such as calorie counting and weighing food
  • Compulsive exercise and lower level movement
  • Anorexia as a migration response to perceived famine
  • Non-traditional approaches to recovery at home
  • Making good use of the resources that are available to you
  • Realistic truths of being an adult in recovery
  • The importance of a Health at Every Size attitude
  • Working out what you need in your recovery

Book is now ready for pre-order. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’ve finally got it done. Mark my words I am never writing a book again! (I said that last time.)

Thank you!

There are far too many people to name, and it gets complicated as not everyone who has contributed to this book wants to be named either. Hundreds, (literally) of adults in recovery from anorexia contributed to this book. Some just a quote, some massively by helping with the editing process. Thank you. You know who you are. xxx

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What do you think?

  1. When does the book come out in print form…not kindle?
    So excited to read this edition ! I know it was a work of love. I would like to talk to you about your counciling .
    Thanks Tabitha !

    • I’m not really sure how that would work as Amazon prints on demand and sends the book right to you. Happy to sign if you ever go to any conferences or anything? I will be at ICED in Chicago in April

  2. Is the book going to be published in book form? I just see it available on Kindle and didn’t seen an option to pre-order the book.. Thanks!

  3. I feel so ashamed asking, but could I borrow this book from the library any time soon as I do not have the funds to purchase without my parents knowing and I don’t want them to know. I really want to recover and read this book but am scared

  4. I just finished reading it, Tabitha, and although I am pretty much fully recovered, it was fantastic, and I desperately wish that I’d had it back when I was in the early stages of recovery. Thanks so much 🙂
    Also, have you noticed that you use the word ‘egregiously’ a lot in the book? I mean, a LOT. Just thought I’d point it out 🙂

  5. I am working so hard to recover. My last stay in residential treatment was exactly a year ago. I still struggle SO HARD, but Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover has been the best “treatment” I have ever had (and I’ve had A LOT!)!!