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I am a foundation doctor in Stoke but also someone who has had anorexia since 10 years old. I have faced huge issues in getting treatment where I live as there is no funding for adults with Eating Disorders. For me personally, this has prolonged the course and severity of my Eating Disorder and thus, I couldn’t bare to think of anyone else going through similar. As such, I decided it had to change and contacted my local MP Paul Farrelly whom looked into my accusations of no funding and found the following information: 

CCG Adult specialist ED provision 18 years + –
annual funding
Children specialist ED provision in the community 
8- 18years –
annual funding
NHS Cannock Chase £67,841 £75,384
NHS East Staffordshire  £89,419 £72,192
NHS South East Staffs & Seisdon Peninsula £166,037 £111,725
NHS Stafford & Surrounds £104,900 £76,612
NHS North Staffordshire No specialist service, access is via Community Mental health Team £104,291
NHS Stoke on Trent No specialist service, access is via Community Mental health Team £143,432

Paul has also taken the matter to Parliamentary Questions and this was to ask what has occured since the Ombudsman enquiry into Averil Hart and what the government is doing to ensure the targets that were set out in the report are achieved. The response was very elusive unfortunately. However, Paul has pursued the matter and consequently, the CCG has agreed to include in their commissioning intention for 2019 to fund a service for adults with Eating Disorders. I have since been involved in writing the business plan for this outpatient treatment. However, the stumbling block we are facing is the finances. I’m desperate to ensure that a good service is provided so would be extremely grateful if anyone has any ideas as to where I can go/ what to do to try and ascertain more funds?

One of the ideas I have had is a petition so please could you sign it and pass it on so we can get as many signatures as possible. 

Additionally, what I am extremely interested in, is that I am in a position as I said to help pioneer a treatment centre. What I have always believed in is that treatment does not take into account patient experiences of what is helpful. So if you have any feedback as to what works well for outpatient treatment e.g. did you see a dietician, if so how often for example, this would be very helpful.

For more information on the Averil Hart Ombudsman Enquiry please see:

For an article influenced by Paul with respect to the local services please read:

To sign my petition please read below and click on the link.

 My petition:

Put more Funding into Adult Eating DIsorder Services for Stoke-On-Trent

In Stoke-On-Trent and Newcastle-Under-Lyme the CCG does not fund any service for adults with Eating Disorders. They have now agreed too, however, the amount proposed is not enough to fund an adequate service and so I am asking that this please gets revised to end the suffering from Eating Disorders.

Eating disorders affect 1.25 million people in the UK and are the largest killer of any psychiatric illness. Eating Disorders can result in many years of morbidity and suffering. Individuals need treatment to help them recover. However, in Stoke there is no funding to provide adults treatment. Averil Hart was 19 and went to university following an inpatient stay and her care was not continued there. She died. So I ask, how many more cases like Averil there will be in Stoke unless we help.

Click this link to sign the petition:

If you live in Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle-Under-Lyme and would be prepared to come forward to help advocate for how there is more than just myself with an Eating DIsorder requiring treatment please email me.

For any emails please contact me on

I thank you so much for your help

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